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  Drilling Unit & Equipments
  Machinery & Tools
  Valves & Controls
  OCTG & Pipes
  Flanges & Fittings
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  Drilling Unit & Equipments
Drilling Rig/2000 HP/1500HP , Workover Rig / 550HP / 750 HP
Coiled Tubing Truck Mounted Units, Slick Truck Mounted Wireline units and Wireline Equipments

Drilling Equipments / Blowout Preventers (BOP’s both RAM type and Annulars) , API valves
And chokes (Manifolds), Diverter system, Closing Units, DSA, Mud cross, Stabilizers, Hole Openers, Under Reamers, Drilling jar , Shock Tools, Mud Motors, Casing and Tubing handling Equipment, Fishing Tools, Elevators, Mills and Crossover subs just to name a few.